Tasting Notes

Blended Malt Whisky @46%Vol

Appearance: Dull gold, with very slight haze (suggesting lack of chill-filtration), and good thick legs (indicating good texture).

Aroma: Slight nose prickle. The top notes are juicy and fruity – bruised pears, grapefruit, fresh orange peel. Behind this there is a light biscuit note (Rich Tea biscuit) and a trace of steam engine. A little water introduces estery pear drops, soft apples and oiled leather.

Taste: Very sweet to taste at bottled strength, with considerable spice across the tongue and a warming, medium-length finish. Fruity boiled sweets in the aftertaste. At reduced strength it is less sweet and less spicy, but remains fruity, with a trace of vanilla sponge – Eve’s Pudding.

Comment: Spicy and vigorous at full strength; soft and pleasant with a dash of water.
Tasting Notes

Blended Malt Whisky @46%Vol

Appearance: Full gold, with khaki lights. Thin but slow-running legs.

Aroma: A dense, leathery nose with traces of dry fruit-cake, madeira cake and tinned pears, and a suspicion of scorched newspaper in the background. After a while a hint of pastry, hard toffee and sweet tobacco. A drop of water increases the pastry note, now buttery, and replaces the fruity notes with waxy green apple.

Taste: Sweet and peppery to taste, at bottled strength, with a trace of salt and a warming, medium-length finish. Lingering heat. Similar profile with water, at reduced levels, but without the salt and warm finish.

Comment: Like Auchnagie, this is strikingly spicy at full strength; pleasantly mouth-cooling and easy to drink with a dash of water.

One of our latest releases with notes of spices, pepper and cloves. A marriage of 100% aged Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, no added colour, not chill filtered. A modern interpretation of the legendary Towiemore Distillery.

Appearance: Oaked Chardonnay.

Aroma: Honeyed lemon tea on the nose develops into the smell of freshly proving bread dough, cinnamon dusted melon slices and a whiff of eucalyptus oil.

Taste: A full and rich creamy palate then brings tannin from the oak before subsiding to a warm blanket of wood spices, pepper and cloves.

Finish: As finishes go this is very long with warm sweet spices that seem to linger on forever.

Comment: This expression delivers a complex Speyside profile with exceptional.
Jericho / Benachie

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 46% ABV, 92% Proof

Appearance: Polished Bronze

Nose: Cooked berries, figs, cinnamon and a hint of vanilla provides a wonderfully complex nose.

Palate: Dried fruit like raisins and candied ginger, make way for malty notes and hints of basil leaf.

Finish: White pepper comes through and cedar, with a final touch of blueberry finally gives way for a uniquely old style whisky taste.
Tasting Notes

Blended Malt Whisky @46%Vol

Appearance: Full gold

Aroma: Light malt loaf to start, with sultanas and a trace of allspice. After a while a very slight steamy/smoky note, and hints of hard toffee. The smoky/maritime note increases over time, but becomes dirty (exhaust fumes) when water is added.

Taste: Smooth texture, sweet taste with smoke in the finish and a mineral twist. Water softens the texture; less sweet but still smoky, and a lingering smokiness in the aftertaste.

Comment: The flavour profile is just what you would expect from a 19th Century distillery.

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 46% ABV, 92% Proof

Appearance : Burnished copper.

Aroma : Its elegant, firstly with soft fruits, gentle smoke, almost salted caramel like.

Taste : Thick in the mouth, creaminess moves to citrus oils which gives way to warm spices and a thread of saltiness lingers and soft fruits return in the background and a minty pine forest note appears.

Finish: Waves of tobacco smoke, saltiness combine with the soft spices to flow on and on for a long finish.
Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 46% ABV, 92% Proof

Appearance: Sauternes wine, oily and slow-running legs.

Aroma: From the beginning its peat smoke, wine fruit and malty notes – this rather subtle nose also has hints of pineapple, vanilla and buttered burnt toast.

Taste: The palate has a smooth and creamy tangy start, leading to a smoky bonfire with waves of gentle spice flowing in between the puffs of smoke.

Finish: Gingerbread, grilled grapefruit and its very long, smoky and complex - just when you think its fading, the waves of spice are back.

Comment: For those who enjoy mature Islay Scotch this is exceptionally elegant and complex