Vintage Tasting Notes

Blended Malt Whisky @46%Vol

Appearance: Pale gold. Lemon lights.

Aroma: Sweet malt in the foreground, rapidly followed by fruity notes – tinned pears – with traces of spun honey. The sweet cereal now in the background as sweet biscuit. Water introduces hemp rope and wet cardboard, but still with a fruity top-note.

Taste: Sweet to taste at bottled strength, with considerable spice across the tongue and a warming, medium-length finish. At reduced strength it is less sweet and less spicy, but remains fruity, with a trace of apple sponge and vanilla.

Comment: Pleasantly sweet and spicy, with the ‘hemp rope’ an old fashioned scent.
Vintage Tasting Notes

Blended Malt Whisky @46%Vol

Appearance: Full gold.

Aroma: A dense, leathery nose to start, then dry fruit-cake, madeira cake (with Maraschino cherries) and tinned pears. After a while a hint of pastry, hard toffee and sweet tobacco. A drop of water introduces pastry made with lard and adds a brown-paper note to faint pears.

Taste: Surprisingly sweet and peppery to taste, at bottled strength, with a trace of salt and a warming, medium-length finish. Lingering heat. Similar profile with water, at reduced levels, but with more fruit.

Comment: Similar in style to the ‘non-vintage’ edition, but with greater complexity.
Vintage Tasting Notes

Blended Malt Whisky @46%Vol

Appearance: Rouge.

Aroma: Mature dried fruit notes, banoffee pie pops out and marmalade pudding with winter spices.

Taste:Rich creamy milk chocolate at first, then baked oranges with soft wood spices flows across the palate.
Finish: After the spices, herbaceous notes give way to a creamy and balanced finish
Dalaruan Vintage:

Appearance: Rich Gold

Aroma: Warm fruit salad and Manuka honey with a hint of smoke and spice Taste: Oily with warming sweetness moving to hints of fruits and nuts before moving to a lingering smoky finish.
Vintage Tasting Notes

Blended Malt Whisky @46%Vol

Aroma: Earthy maritime air with cigar leaves and a burst of smoke, dark chocolate and complex hints of a warm summer evening.

Taste: Sweet baked pears stewing in syrup followed by subtle butts of smoke with brazil nuts, its oily on the palate and then spicy notes come through.
Finish: A beautiful balance of sweetness, spice only fades after a long time.
Vintage Tasting Notes

Blended Malt Whisky @46%Vol

Appearance: Pale amber.

Aroma: A relatively closed nose; clean and fresh, with traces of linen and herbal fabric freshener. Laura Ashley? After a while a light, spicy prickle emerges, topping a fruity/doughy note: apple dumpling, made with suet and dusted with nutmeg. With a drop of water the paper note advances, joined by warm leatherette and a trace of steam.

Taste: Smooth texture, sweet taste and a surprising amount of smoke in the finish – more coal smoke/steam engine than peat smoke. An unusual, antique taste, which holds up well with a drop of water, although the smoky element is reduced.

Comment: Interesting and vaguely ‘old fashioned’, especially without water.
Vintage Tasting Notes

Blended Malt Whisky @46%Vol

Appearance: Sunset
Aroma: Rich Sherry moving to very mature dried dark fruits, baked sponge and fresh ground arabica coffee.

Taste: Full in the mouth, warming and indulgent sherry cask notes return with hints of dark chocolate, ripe fruits and wood spice with a long lingering finish.
Comment: Not an older version of the Classic, but a more 19th century style whisky